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100 Km Pharonic Race

Challenge Race
20th 100 Kilometer
Pharaonic Race
20 November 2020

Mr.Gasser Riad
Chairman of Event group of companies & director of egyptian Marathon and Pharaonic Race.
The idea was first initiated when in 1977 the Egyptian Egyptologist,Ahmed Moussa who while digging discovered a piece of rock telling the story of Pharaonic soldiers running a race of 100 Km. This race took place in 690-665 B.C, during the reign of king Taharka, when the king went to inspect an army camp and found the soldiers in perfect physical fitness. It was then that he laid down the rules for the running race.
The race was held in the area between Sakkara Pyramid and Faiyum Oasis ,passing by Memphis, Dahshur Pyramid,Elleshet Pyramid, Kefren Pyramid ending at Hawara Pyramid at Faiyum.The King himself participated in part of the race to show his interest in the sport.The surprise in the translation of the hieroglyphic scriptures is that the winner completed the race in eight hours only
To revive this memory the race will take place at the same area and with almost the same routing.


Dr. Mamdouh El beltaqui
Ex  Minister of Tourism

Dear Friends
It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Egypt to be among the participants in the "100 Kilometer Pharaonic Race "on 18th November2005 , which is another important addition to Egypt's already excitingand diverse calendar of events.The route of the race will take you first to the glamorous tourist sites of Sakkara , the ancient necropolis of Memphis, Egypt's earliest capital.The third highlight will be the magnificent area of Dahshure , where the bent and the red Pyramids of King Snefru can be admired .The athletes will then run to the site of List and afterwards to Meidum, where the first Pyramid in Egypt was ever built, and finally , after 100 Km, the race will end near the pyramid of Sakkara in Cairo.


WORD OF Welcome:
We meet here together as lovers of sport to revive one of the oldest sport activities in history . The relieves of Bani -Hassan graves reveal the origins of many of the sports known in our modern world .  In the reign of King Taharqa (690 -660 B.C) the King saw his soldiers in good physical fitness and doing their training with great skill due to practicing long distances running exercises . Therefore the king set rules for a race to take place in the area between Fayum and Sakkara for a distance of 100 K.M., and he took part in the marathon to show his interest in sport . I am sure that all of us feel happy being here on this historical land to participate in this very special event . Feel at home , Egypt is the land of hospitality and courtesy.I believe that we all will do our best to make this event a great success ..





Dr.Zahi Hawass
Secretary General Supreme council of Antiquities

Pharaonic Race Many people believe that the name "pharaohs" was given to the Marathon that they do every year in Egypt because it runs in the land of the pharaohs. But, as a mater of fact the Pharaonic Race has a story of origin. It happened in 1977 that a military officer come to meet my colleague the late Ahmed Moussa, who also was the Director of Saqqara at that time. The officer told Moussa that there was an inscribed stone with hieroglyphics found and the stone was still in the army camp. Moussa went to the camp and began to read the inscriptions it was surprising. The inscription was talking about a training run that was done by the pharaoh's soldiers during   the reign of King Taharqa who ruled Egypt from 690 B.C to 660 BC The King   of Egypt, Taharqa went to the soldiers camp to see what was happening because he wanted to have a strong army to defend Egypt against the Assurians. Therefore, he took San El-Hagar in the eastern delta as the capital instead of Luxor to be near the eastern borders of Egypt.The idea of the race dates back to King Taharqa ( ruled Egypt from 690 -660 B.C) who , according to
Egyptologists , wanted to have a strong army and therefore organized the race through the abovementioned locations for a distance of 100 K M to make sure that his officers and soldiers were well trained . Our aim today is to revive this ancient Egyptian race and to create a modern competition in a marvelous historic ambiance which will be, for all participants , a life-time event. Once more, I would like to welcome you to Egypt, cradle of civilization with its great cultural heritage and generous friendly people who appreciate sports and athletes and I would like to extend to you my best wishes for an enjoyable stay in Egypt and all success for the "100 Kilometer Pharaonic race ".



Welcome in Egypt

Hisham Ibrahim
General Manager

Me and All our Event sports Staff are ready to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable.
I wish you all good competition in our next Event. 
With Sports –Regards.



100 km


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