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Pharonic Race Route

The Race will be 100 Km long with both individual ultra and 2-5 person relay categories. Each  team consisting of 5 members who will be running in succession (relay). The coach can change runners on condition that they run 10 Km each. Each team will have its own car all the supplies of food and drink etc.needed during the race. There will be inspecting points every 10 Km, where the teams can exchange their runners.

The Road will be as followes:

100 km Pharaonic Race map
1) The Race will begin at Hawara Pyramid at faiyum.
There will be a gate with the sign START through which the runners
will pass, heading towards Kafren Pyramid .(30 Km), along this stage
there is distance of 2Km of unpaved road.

As mentioned before there will be inspection points every 10Km
where the runners can switch turns.   
2) The runners and cars will then head El-lesht Pyramid (26 Km)
Along this stage too, there is a distance of 1 Km of unpaved road.     
(Distance Covered will be 56 Km ).

3) The runners will pass,heading towards
Dahshor Pyramid(29Km). 
(Distance covered will be 85Km). 

4)The runners will then head towards Sakkara Pyramid and
The end of the race(15Km).

There will be a gate with the sign FINISH where the race will end.

1) For those who are more interested inchallenge they have the chance to
participate in theRace and run the whole 100 Km alone.
2)The 100Km with both individual ultra 2-5 person relay categories.
3)There will be a large tent at Sakkara Pyramid at Sakkara to celebrate the end
of the race.
4)The distribution of medals and Papyrus certificates will be during the Pharaonic
Dinner at the tent.
5)For further information and reservation , please get in touch with us

* Climate :              Temperature between 20-25 degrees. Dry weather
* Accommodation : First class Hotel .
* Dead Line :          15 Oct, 2020
Ask for 27th Egyptian Marathon






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